Friday 23 July 2021
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Entering a mid stream eddy on one side and using the upstream flow to sling you latterly across the eddy into the current on the other is a fun skill that known as an ‘s-turn’. It is a combination of an eddy turn and a peel out in quick succession. That uses the power and energy of the eddy to link the two moves together as one and allows you to travel latterly with barley any loss of distance or travel downstream. It really is a great way to utilise the power of the river in helping you to move around in the flow.

How to do an S-Turn

1. Choose a mid stream eddy in which to complete your turn.

2. Approach the eddy as if you are about to do an eddy turn.

3. As you start to cross the eddyline try and hold your downstream angle until you’ve completely cleared the eddy line so you don’t get spun out and loose all you speed.

4. Once your well clear of the eddy line flatten the boat and use a draw stroke to steer the boat across the eddy and then get ready to do a peel out.

5. As you approach the opposite eddyline apply some edge towards the inside of the turn and complete a peel out. Again hold your upstream angle until your clear of the eddyline.

7. Allow the boat to spin downstream and then continue on your adventure.

Top tips

The key to a good S turn comes from the ability to carry momentum and use minimal strokes.

You can often use the momentum of the boat and speed gained from the water combined with a stern draw. To just guide and glide you boat from one flow across the eddy and into the other flow.

The s-turn requires you to aggressively edge one direction, switch to a flat hull for lateral travel and then switch to the opposing edge for the exit. This should be a familiar skill as it is one of the skills we practised early on in our intro to edging chapter.