Friday 23 July 2021
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River Banks

Every river we go to has a river bank and some can be more challenging than the river itself. River banks can be slippery and have loose rocks and other challenges. Not suprisingly most injuries in kayaking occur on the sides of the river when we are often at our most relaxed.

Take care when on the river banks whether your getting in and out of your boat, walking to and from the river, portaging a rapid, or setting up safety for other paddlers. Select safe places to launch your boat, wear good shoes and keep alert.

If you are having to climb and scout or portage a rapid take care and try to keep three points of contact when you are boulder and scrambling especially if you are carrying a boat.

Top Tips

Remember even if the rocks don’t look wet they can be very slick and slippery from the river water and plant life.


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