Monday 26 July 2021
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Student Prerequisites


  • Comfortable in Class II+ in a regular whitewater kayak (hence forth known as Tupperware)
  • Roll on both sides, hand roll on at least one side
  • Comfortable underwater

Why Squirt

Squirting develops a 3D understanding of river currents, excellent edge control, strong core muscles, and an intimate relationship with your favorite river. It offers a completely different way of running rivers, unique freestyle tricks, and of course the mysterious mystery move. Spending time in a squirtboat will only help you become a better river-runner, freestyler, or creeker. Most importantly you get to arraign yourself in fancy glitter (sorry I mean metal flake).

Why Not

If you are Closterphobic, scared of being underwater, cannot stand a little foot pain, or your just don’t like being the “cool” kid on the block. Then squirting might not be for you.

Must Have

Squirtboating and Beyond, by Jim Snyder (The bible of Squirtboating philosophy)