Monday 26 July 2021
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You may have noticed that your squirtboat looks very similar to a surfboard. On a big glassy wave a squirtboat is fantastic fun and will carve with the best of them. Any glassy wave can be surfed in a squirtboat but slower ones may take some work as it will sometimes sink out the back of the wave. By leaning back you will find that it spreads your weight out and can fix that problem (the shutter rudder was invented in a squirtboat).

Hole surfing can be difficult because of the squirtboats volume deficiency. It can be hard not to get mysteried out of a hole in a squirtboat, but one of the coolest river tricks, the blast, is done in a hole. You may have blasted for short periods of time in your playboat but in a squirtboat it can be sustained with little effort and is always nearly vertical. When you enter the hole, sink your stern while keeping your bow pointed up stream. The hole will grab you and hold you vertical till you are ready to leave.