Friday 23 July 2021
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Edging Around

Once you are able to get around in moving water without looking like a lame duck, it is time to explore the currents on a “deeper” level. You are going to start playing with currents by sinking (engaging) your edges into them. Many novice squirtboaters make the mistake of trying to “stab” their boat straight into the current while leaning forward. While your front end will sink, it is no different then filling up your Tupperware with water and paddling forward.

A squirtboat is designed as a wing. Stabbing your boat into the current is like trying to make a plane without wings fly (it is called a missile and requires jet fuel). Wings on a plane are designed to engage the air at a certain angle and with enough velocity allow the plane to fly. Just like an airplane wing, the edges of your squirtboat are designed to engage the water and allow you to “fly” into the depths.

Generally, squirtboaters use the bow edges (cockpit to feet) as the leading edge of their “wing.” With a little forward momentum and the correct angle of attack you will be able engage your edges into a current and sink your squirtboat. Knowing needed angle takes practice, but the more wing you can engage while maintaining your momentum, the better the results. Practice this coming into eddies (mush move) and peeling out (mysteries). Try and maintain control of your edges at all times.