Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Moving Water Skills

Getting around “normal”…

Moving water is simply a current and eddyline. When paddling Tupperware we usually work on eddy turns, peel outs, and ferries. This requires basic edge control which translates easily to squirting in moving water.

Getting around “squirt”

Navigating your squirtboat in moving water can be done just like a surface boat with a few provisions. First, in moving water there will be many little currents that will mess with your edges, so maintaining control and balance will take some practice. Second, when you tilt away from the current in a surface kayak only about 1/3 of your hull is engaged but the entire squirtboat will be in play during an eddy turn, etc. This surprises many people because a simple peel out becomes supercharged. Although the initial contact with current will be dynamic, that energy quickly dissipates and you will be moving through the water, not on top of it. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room to make ferries.