Monday 26 July 2021
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Choosing a Boat


This is easy if you are ordering a custom ride (it is custom). If you are working with a used boat, that is okay too. Ideally your feet will rest in the foot bumps and knees in the correct position. Unfortunately, since boats are cut custom they are rarely perfect for someone other than the original owner. Try and get a boat who’s specs would fit you, then you can work with it.

Type of squirter

Most squirtboaters don’t really fall into any one category but generally there are three different aspects of squirting that can drive your boat choices. First there is the all-around squirter who likes to run easy rivers, surf waves, do freestyle, and small mysteries. Many beginner and part time squirters fall into this category. These type of boats are usually shorter (<8′), sometimes have a flat hull, and generally are a little higher volume “cuts.” River running squirtboaters are usually into the harder rivers (New and Upper Gauley) or just prefer a longer, higher volume boat. Many older designs of squirtboats are great for this type of squirtboater but they are hard to mystery and throw freestyle tricks in. The last few years have seen many advances in mystery centric designs. These new boats allow for a very low cut but remain comfortable, resulting in a “destination cut” squirtboat. Most are around 9 feet in length and handle like Ferraris for an advanced squirter. Because they are low volume, running big rivers takes much more experience (read: balls), and doing freestyle, an experts touch. Nearly every serious squirter will end up in one of these new boats once their skills get to that level.

Boat Suggestions

For the all-around squirter here are a few squirtboats to consider: Angst, Asylum Series, Whirld Series, Maelstrom, Urge, Hellbender Series, Skunk.

River Runner: Big cut Shred Series, Any older design, Whisper (big cut), Prize.

Mystery Machine: KOR, Ninja, low cut Shred Series, Whisper, Maestro.