Friday 23 July 2021
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C2C Roll

The C2C is the most common roll taught in kayaking. It is the skill used to flip you back upright if you capsize whilst out on the water. 

How to do a C2C roll

Similar to bracing and learning how to hip snap it works well to learn this skill with the help of a friend.

1. Before you flip upside set yourself up into the ‘Homebase’ position.

Lean and tuck forwards, reach your paddle across and place it parallel along side your boat with the front face blade facing up towards the sky. This means that when your upside down you helmet gives you good proaction and your paddle is ready to skim across the top of the water and sweep it into the right position for the roll.

2. Flip over and sweep your paddle into the ‘Set Up’ position.

This extended high brace position will see you have your paddle set at 90 degree to the boat. With one hand up and behind your butt. (the ‘thumb in butt’ position) and the other hand up and out of the water. This will allow you to get the paddle blade up and flat on the water which will give you a leverage point from which to snap your boat back upright.

You can also practice getting into the correct ‘Set Up’ position by placing your blade onto a river bank, someone else’s boat or getting some one to hold it for you as you practise going over and using a high brace to snap your boat back upright.

3. Once in this position come up using a strong ‘Snap’.

Pull down on your power face and do a strong hip snap to get upright. As your doing this keep your head down as if its attached to the shoulder that your doing your snap on with your eyes looking towards your paddle blade. As you snap your hips pull your head down towards your paddle blade and the water. This will assist you to get that boat upright.

This movement is similar to a high brace. As your pulling down on the power face and doing the stung hip snap, try and get your other hand up and underneath your butt. You might need to release your hand just slightly to allow it to get up and over the back of the boat.

4. Finish lying back, looking at the blade your working with.

5. Once you have this masted try flipping over first and then finding the home base position.

6. Finally it time to switch sides and try and learn the C2C roll on the other side.

7. Now have ago on the moving water. Its exactly the same technique it will just feel a bit strange at first with the water moving all around you.


Top tips

Don’t be tempted to lift you head up for air. Keep it down with your eyes firmly fixed on your paddle blade and bring your head down towards the water, your paddle blade and your shoulder as you snap your hips and bring the boat upright. Only whens the boats completely upright should you then lift you head and sit upright

Learn with a friend as we did with the T rescue and hip snap. That way if it doesn’t work they can Hand Of God you back upright and you can discuss what happened and try again.

Ideally you want to make sure you have your head, body and hands as close to the waters surface as possible when your in the ‘Set Up’ position, before you do the ‘Snap’ as this will really help you as it makes the hip snap a lot more effective.