Sunday 26 September 2021
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Seat shape and height

Generally kayaks seats are ergonomically designed to fit a ‘standard’ paddler shape. Which begs the question, what is the standard paddler size and shape?

We know that we are not all the same size and shape so don’t be surprised if you need too spend a little bit of time custom outfitting your seat. You can change the shape, height, rocker, colour… however you like to make it comfy and fit right.

Some shorter paddlers will often add foam to boost (raise) the seat. Other taller paddlers may remove the factory fitted foam or seat pads to lower the seat. In some situation paddlers may raise just the front or just the back of the seat to create more of a bucket shape or minimise the gap between their thighs and the seat.

Whatever you do decide to do to outfit your seat make sure it does not impede your ability to get out of your kayak.

Some manufacturers have specialist kit you can purchase to make customising your seat quick and easy such as the JK Sweet Cheeks.


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