Thursday 5 August 2021
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The sprayskirt is a valuable piece of equipment that keeps most of the water out of your kayak.


How to use a spray skirt

Its important to only use a sprayskirt when you are confident in completing a wet exit.
Its a good idea to complete a kayak course or get quality instruction before you use your skirt for the first time as knowing how to remove your skirt is extremely important.
1. To place your skirt on, start at from behind your body and place the skirt over the cockpit rim.
2. Slowly work your way around the sides to your legs.
3. Put your thumbs underneath the ripcord area and in one motion snap it over the front of your cockpit rim.
4. Check to make sure the skirt is over all of the cockpit rim by running your hands around the edge of your skirt.
5. Make sure your rip cord or pull tab is out. You can do this by “shaking that thing” to check its out
6. Make sure your skirt is easy to get off. If you prefer, you can get a nylon sprayskirt which will be easier to remove. However these are not as dry as the neoprene skirts.
7. If your having trouble putting your skirt on, get a friend to help you, they can face you from in front and pull it over the cockpit rim.


Top Tips

Always make sure you have your pull tab or rip cord out before getting on the water when using your skirt.

A skirt with a good seal around your waist and the cockpit rim is important in keeping water out from your kayak. Make sure you try the skirt on before you purchase one, most skirt manufacturers will have information on sizing for kayaks on their website, be sure to check and double check this. Speaking to your local kayak store is another good way to ensure you choose the correct skirt for you and your boat.