Thursday 5 August 2021
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Getting your boat to the river

Going boating involves a lot moving a lot of stuff around including a bulky kayak. So one of the fun challenges we have as paddlers each time we want to head to the river is how we get our boat and gear there.

One of the easiest ways to transport a boat is to throw it in the back of a van or truck. However this only works if you have a van or truck. Most boaters have cars so knowing how to use a roof rack is critical in order to safely transport your kit.


How to tie your boat to a roof rack

To begin with check that your roof rack is appropriately fitted and secured to your car and place your boat on the roof rack


Using a rope to secure your boat

1.Tie the rope off at one end.

2. Feed the rope through the grab handle at each end of the kayak

3. Make a loop at the other end around the rack

4. Make a bite in the rope (truckers hitch).

5. Pass the loose end of rope though this loop and pull it tight

6. Feed the loose end of the rope around the main rope to make another bite. Pass the rope through this loop and pull it tight (half hitches). Do this twice to secure the rope tight.

7. Do the same at the front of the boat

8. Check that the boat is secure by pushing on it and trying to move it

9. Tie away any excess rope


Using a Cam Strap / Roof rack strap to secure your boat

1. Wrap the cam strap webbing around the roof rack on the far side of the boat

2. Pass the straps over the boat and feed one end through the grab handle / security loop

3. Wrap the webbing end of the strap under the roof rack

4. Feed the webbing end through the metal buckle of the cam strap

5. Pull it tight

6. Secure it with a half hitch. pass the loose webbing end around the main webbing to create a loop / bite. pass it through the loop and pull it tight

7. Repeat with another strap on the other end of the boat

8. Check the boat is secure by trying to move it

9. Tie away any loose or excess webbing


Top Tips

Keep it simple. Use these techniques to help you secure and transport your boats safely.