Thursday 5 August 2021
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  • The two ways in which a boat turns.
  • Both work but are achieved in different ways for different purposes.


  1. Demonstrate the carve by getting some momentum, looking at a fixed target in the direction you wish to turn, and then lift the outside edge, take an outside sweep stroke, and let the boat glide through a nice carve. Over exaggerate all of the components from the edging of the boat to your body wind up and turning of your head. Carving a turn is desirable when you have a bit of space to execute your turn and you need to keep your momentum going.


  1. Carving a boat is a great way to carry your speed through a turn.
  2. First thing that we will need to do is pick our focal point.  For our first drill that should be straight ahead.
  3. Get some forward momentum, and rock your boat up onto edge and hold it.
  4. Stop paddling and see which way your boat turns. You will find that you will turn towards the edge that was dropped(inside of the turn).
  5. Repeat this drill but this time pick a focal point that is towards the inside of the turn and rotate your torso accordingly. You should notice an improvement in the turning radius as well as the momentum that was carried through the carve.
  6. Start over and now continue to paddle through the carve.
  7. Hold the edge until you are pointing in the desired direction which should be towards your focal point.
  8. You can then continue to paddle and pick another focal point going in the other direction.
  9. By making a big “S” pattern you can repeatedly practice carving your boat in a fluid way.