Thursday 5 August 2021
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Side Slipping

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We are now at a point that we can combine both forward and lateral momentum.   The slide slip will allow your students to move sideways with out turning our bow in the direction of the turn. This allows us to maintain more of our forward speed and move laterally.


  1. This is where we combine both forward and lateral momentum into one.
  2. Have the student get a bit of forward momentum.
  3. Have the student place their paddle in the water at or just behind their butt. It should be oriented parallel to the boat with the power face towards the hull.
  4. Once the student can set the paddle in the water and just let it run, we will add an open paddle face.
  5. Have the student rotate their active hand just a bit away form the boat. We are looking to just grab a small bit of water that will pull the boat to the side while maintaining the forward momentum. We are turning the paddle blade into a centerboard like sailboats use.