Thursday 5 August 2021
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Moving Forward

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Now it is time to move from point A to point B in a relatively straight line.  Relatively straight because the kayaks that we are sitting in are designed to turn. This is fine because most of whitewater kayaking is composed of maneuvering. As we paddle towards a goal our boat will waddle back and forth just a bit. Do your best to not focus on this. It will balance its self out most of the time.


  1. Keep this simple. Let the students know that boats are designed to turn first and not to worry about it if the boat is working to do its job.
  2. Have the students pick a target that is off in the distance to look at. Have them keep their eyes fixed on this target.
  3. The last component for this drill is to keep the boat flat and quiet.

Student Progression:

  1. P ick a fixed focal point in the distance and keep our eyes on it.
  2. Do not look down at the bow of your boat or you paddle!
  3. After we have done this a few times we want to try to work on keeping our boat quiet in the water as we move. This means that we want the boat to sit flat in the water, but not with fixed hips.
  4. Try not to rock it from side to side as you take strokes on both sides of the boat.
  5. We don’t want to apply bunches of power to this yet.
  6. Just keep an even stroke rate take your time.