Friday 23 July 2021
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Different Levels of Edge

When we paddle we don’t just use an on off button for edge but more of  sliding scale. This allows us to add a little or a lot of edge as required.

How to develop and discover the different levels of edge – Exercise 1

1. Think of a flat boat (with no edge at all) and the point at which you can no longer balance on edge (the flip point). These are the ends of the range of our edging scale.

2. Have a go at finding 3 levels in-between these two points where you can hold your boat on edge.

3. Edge level (2) should be the mid point where you are balanced and can comfortably hold you boat on edge.

3. Now have a go on the other side.

Remember edging a kayak isn’t just about tilting your hips. You should be using your hips, knees, feet and bum to control the kayak.

4. To test and develop your edge control ask a friend to call out left or right and a number from 1 to 3. This is your cue to find and balance on this point of edge. Mix it up left and right and 1 – 3. Also mix up how long you hold it on edge. 1 second – 10 seconds.

This will really build up your boat and body awareness and also your strength and around edge control.

Top Tips

Note that different people use different numbers or way of measuring the edging scale. In essence they are all right. The key thing is to remember that it is not so much an on / off function but more active, constantly changeable, sliding scale.


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