Thursday 5 August 2021
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Welcome Center Opportunities

 These programs are easy to implement and may be adapted to fit into the offerings of any type of facility and curriculum and may encompass other activities you offer on-site in addition to paddling.

Activity Log
Depending on the nature of your programming, you may want participants to use a hard-copy activity tracking sheet which you can download from the LGP resource tool kit or opt to direct participants to online tracking found here

Note: If you opt for the points-based Champions program, LGP recommends using the online tracking form.

Optional opportunities
If you’d like to help us track paddling participation in the program, which LGP hopes to use as a metric of program achievement, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the President’s Challenge registration page

2. In the section that asks, “Are you part of a group?”

a. The LGP group ID# is 90521

b. In the Group Member name field type: Let’s Go Paddling

Awards Welcome Centers can order low-cost certificates, medallions and other President’s Challenge branded items online here:

Award orders may also be placed by mail, phone, or fax. Students should not be asked to pay for their own awards. Although LGP recognizes you may consider factoring the cost of the awards into your lesson or camp program pricing.