Thursday 5 August 2021
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Welcome Center Accreditation

For those wanting to become a World Kayak Accredited School or Club:
World Kayak is offering accreditation to all whitewater kayak schools and clubs.  We have programs for municipalities hoping to offer accreditation documentation for liability and for all to ensure that core standards are being followed.

The Accreditation Process

  1. Decide to be accredited.
  2. Review accreditation standards materials via web at (Full WK Welcome Center membership required)
  3. Use templates and checklists ensuring all mandatory standards are accommodated in your operation
  4. Call for inspection
  5. On-site inspections will be available in certain regions
    • Travel expenses
  6. Distance inspection will be available
    • Documents required must be submitted
    • Photos must be submitted of key operations areas showing safety requirements
    • Process documentation must show proper processes installed and mandatory document management
    • A sample of your staff will be interviewed by phone
      • Companies must submit their staff contact information for direct contact

Accreditaton Fees

  • Kayak Schools: $500 per school
  • Kayak Clubs: $250 per club
  • Municipalities: $500 per instructional setting*


  • You will be gauged as accredited at one of three levels
    • Level 3 – Applied Member Accreditation
      • one who has applied and is going through the standards building process
    • Level 2 – Standard Member
      • One who has had a full inspection satisfying all mandatory requirements
    • Level 1 – WK Pro School Member
      • Member who has satisfied all mandatory requirements and who has satisfied 60% of optional requirements

World Kayak Welcome Center Services

World Kayak offers partnerships in the development of whitewater kayak schools in your region:

  • Business planning
  • Administrative setup
  • Purchasing
  • Staffing assistance and HR
  • Program development
  • Marketing planning and implementation
  • Sales and reservations system’s setup
  • Project management process development
  • Training and re-training
  • Annual review and planning

* Instructional Settings are defined as any location at which instruction will take place.  Municipalities typically will have numerous locations like pools, waterfront, parks etc.