Thursday 5 August 2021
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7.0 Medical considerations

7.1.   All on-water must have a recognized first aid certificate with a valid expiry date.

7.2.   All on-water staff must have a recognized CPR certificate with a valid expiry date.

7.3.   All admin staff need to be trained in emergency procedures involving first aid and CPR.

7.4.   Health history must be collected from all guests

7.4.1.      Standard release form must include the collection of health related information.

7.4.2.      Clients must agree and sign (guardian if necessary) to confirm any and all medical conditions before the start of their course.  This form should include            Allergies            Existing medical conditions            Past medical treatment and surgeries            Any special medical immunizations necessary in case of emergency            Any medicine that must be taken on course for emergency treatment            Emergency contact information including for physicians when unique health conditions are apparent with a student.            Parents of minors must sign a consent form to allow staff to treat, seek treatment and administer medication            Parents must be notified of when and how they will be contacted in case of emergency            All medicine must be collected and prepared for both on river and off river         All staff must be advised of all medical conditions before the start of all programs.

7.5.   A health policy must be written and posted for all staff.

7.5.1.      Procedures for medical emergency

7.5.2.      Evacuation plan

7.5.3.      Location of medical equipment

7.5.4.      Checklist for first aid kits

7.5.5.      Telephone and contact details for emergency support

7.5.6.      Emergency contact information per staff member must be posted

7.6.   A review of health care procedures should be done annually and recorded

7.7.   Multi-day kayak camps should have space for storage of medical equipment, first aid kits and client medicine.

7.7.1.      Facility containing medicine must be locked (box or room)

7.8.   All medical situations and incidence must be recorded by staff the day it happens and should include all details and medicine provided.