Thursday 5 August 2021
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1.1 Marketing Plan

Is your kayak program guided by a clear marketing plan, a plan aimed at recognizing your marketing goals before the sales season begins and used as an outline throughout the marketing and sales season?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

A marketing plan is a mandatory requirement for all WK accredited schools.  It does not require all elements to the standard, but is a key practice for ensuring adequate penetration into the marketplace and customer retention.  The goal for this standard is to provide kayak educators a sample outline of a marketing plan, demonstrate its importance and support all marketing activity with a solid base and plan.


A kayak school must submit their marketing plan in full and including a majority of the elements listed in this standard.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

1.1.1.      You must have a full Marketing Plan outlining all the key elements in your approach to your market place.

1.1.2.      Outline an Executive summary for your kayak school efforts.

1.1.3.      List all your programs with a short description

1.1.4.      Your marketing Intent and Goals must be clearly outlined and defined

1.1.5.      List all your key Management and Staff that you will be using to accomplish these program goals and marketing initiatives.

1.1.6.      Clearly outline who will be doing what within the plan.            Accompany this with a managed task list (see Project Management)

1.1.7.      Incorporate a sales forecast to this Plan.            Number of courses you wish to deliver            Number of students you hope to have registered            Include last year’s numbers (two to three years history is never bad) See template provided

1.1.8.      Create a brief Situation Analysis statement outlining where your company sits with in the market, where your company is now within that market and some key elements showing your current market status.

1.1.9.      Build a full Marketing Summary            List out all your target markets      Youth      Family      Existing enthusiasts      Clubs      Retail customers      Schools      Community sporting programs      Associations and organizations appropriate to your efforts            Identify any strategic alliances you may have with these markets            Outline your media targets      Who you would send press releases to      Who you would be advertising with

1.1.10.   Competition         Identify any and all competitive companies and organizations         Write a brief description of each         List out all strengths of these organizations         List out all weaknesses you see in these organizations

1.1.11.   Market Need         From your competitive analysis and observations you have made of your marketplace, outline all the things the market needs, things that these competitors are not solving fully or at all.         List out any and all differentiating factors you can implement to better what is out there in the market place.

1.1.12.   Program Development         Outline each of your programs again, this time highlighting what you can or will do to provide for your market’s need         Create a project schedule including goals, milestones, tasks, roles and delivery dates to bring your programs to where they are being developed to accommodate market need.         Outline any costs associated with this development

1.1.13.   Marketing Mix outlines must be developed at the beginning of each marketing season and reviewed for effectiveness at the end of the season.         List out your activities and detail each with measurable goals, a budget. Those responsible for any development and details on materials needed.  Some recommended activities include:   Market Research   Strategic Alliance   Marketing Materials   PR and Communications   Advertising   Web site   Trade shows   Demos   School visits           Municipal programs           Club events           Competitive events (see for samples of events you can host in your region)           Festivals           Video Premieres           eMail campaigns

Documentation Required

–          Marketing plan