Thursday 5 August 2021
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9.0 Instructional Delivery

9.1.   All programs delivered must be accompanied by a documented Operations Plan.

9.2.   Programming must follow a recognized whitewater kayak certification and recognized curriculum

9.2.1.      World Kayak Certification

9.2.2.      American Canoe Association

9.2.3.      British Union…

9.2.4.      …

9.3.   Goals in the programming must be clear and communicated to students (and parents).

9.4.   Programs must be established to allow for student progression, increased challenge and continued evolution as an enthusiast

9.5.   Students must have access to multiple opportunities for feedback

9.5.1.       A questionnaire handed out at end of course

9.5.2.      A web based questionnaire (downloadable and/or web form)

9.5.3.      Feedback should be discussed at all meetings

9.5.4.      Feedback should be compiled for annual review

9.6.   Environmental appreciation

9.6.1.      All programs should include environmental education            Risks to Whitewater            Conservation initiatives in your region            Activities to get involved in regionally

9.7.   Customer Feedback

9.7.1.      All clients must receive a grading with detailed feedback on skills learned in the curriculum.

9.7.2.      All clients must be contacted within a week of their trip with a letter or email of thanks and a request to fill in a customer feedback form/survey

9.7.3.      All clients must be put into a dbase and on a mailing list (email or print).

9.7.4.      All clients must be contacted in regards to school and regional kayaking activity, encouraging their further engagement.

9.8.   Extra programming must be in place to keep new kayakers active in the learning process

9.8.1.      Roll sessions must be scheduled and advertised regularly with email/newsletter notification

9.8.2.      Beginner trips (day and multi-day) should be scheduled and marketed to all beginner level previous clients.

9.8.3.      All beginners should be invited to all your events.