Thursday 5 August 2021
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6.0 Transportation

6.1.   Emergency plan must include transportation / evacuation means that are available at all times during operation

6.2.   Transportation in delivery vehicles, pick up trucks etc. need to be prohibited.

6.3.   Transportation information needs to be available to students and parents

6.4.   Staff transporting passengers must have proper, legal transport certification as applicable in your country, state and/or province.

6.4.1.      Staff member driving records need to be reviewed and confirmed clean.

6.4.2.      All drivers should be trained in basic vehicle maintenance and safety procedures.

6.5.   Staff must be trained in vehicle accent procedures.

6.6.   Each vehicle must have a first aid kit.

6.7.   Vehicles must have regular, documented safety checks and appropriate maintenance done by certified vehicle maintenance providers.