Sunday 26 September 2021
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5.0 Buildings

Standards for buildings used as customer gathering points, storage and accommodations:

Are your buildings set up and managed properly ensuring customer safety and effective use?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

It is important for both the kayak school and client that the proper staff is being hired for effective delivery of educational programs.  Unprofessional staff performance, questionable methods and the appearance of being disorganized can all be factors in client’s decisions as to whether or not they become enthusiasts.  The perception of risk customers may have bear greatly on their experience and their future as paddlers.  The goal is to ensure that your school appears well run and with the proper control over staffing and task delivery.


Kayak schools must show that their HR procedures are in place for proper hiring and training.  It also must show proper task or project management practice.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

5.1.   All buildings used for customers should be highlighted on a building plan and submitted to local authorities as notification of operation.

5.2.   Fire safety standards to be in place

5.2.1.      Posted fire escape plan

5.2.2.      Fire equipment review must be conducted twice annually

5.2.3.      Smoke detectors must be in place in all buildings

5.2.4.      Carbon monoxide detectors must be in place in all sleeping quarters

5.2.5.      Permanent sleeping quarters must have escape plan and adequate spacing between furniture and beds for movement and escape.

5.3.   Accessible ramps and appropriate widths for wheelchairs and emergency exit

5.4.   Hazardous materials must be properly stored and out of reach

5.5.   Drinking water must be tested regularly (each month)

5.6.   Electrical, water and plumbing system plans should be available with wiring and piping well indicated and their locations clear for those working around buildings.

5.6.1.      Maintenance plan must include regular reviews of all utilities and systems to ensure against wear.

5.7.   Building maintenance ensuring buildings and customer areas are all in good condition

5.8.   Camp sites

5.8.1.      Maintenance and repairs consistent to keep camping areas clean

5.8.2.      Utilities reviews weekly to ensure water and electrical quality and safety

5.9.   Food service areas

5.9.1.      Must be cleaned regularly to avoid rodents and insects

5.9.2.      All perishable products must be refrigerated            Refrigerated products must be inspected regularly and controlled with an inventory log

5.10.                     Garbage must be covered when not in use

5.11.                     Supervisor must have training and experience in food and beverage services