Sunday 26 September 2021
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4.0 Staffing

4.1.   Staff qualifications must be clearly outlined in a document and include the following staff profiles:

4.1.1.      Management

4.1.2.      Administration

4.1.3.      Reservations and sales

4.1.4.      Marketing

4.1.5.      Instructional

4.1.6.      Maintenance staff

4.2.   Resume,  screening and hiring process must be in place

4.2.1.      Criminal checks

4.2.2.      Reference checks

4.2.3.      On river staff must be evaluated at a skills level as per certification criteria before being assigned class levels

4.2.4.      All staff must have contract outlining all policies            performance evaluation            Benefits            Vacation time            Personal conduct and appearance            Pay rates

4.3.   Staff evaluation procedures must be in place

4.3.1.      Supervisor evaluation must be weekly as part of a management meeting either at beginning or end of the week.

4.3.2.      Weekly staff meetings must be held for review            All sales and marketing activity gauging success and points of improvement            Administration staff review of internal processes and accounting            On river staff must have a weekly review of classes and have skills development clinics throughout the summer.

4.3.3.      Class Post mortems should be done reviewing each instructor’s performance

4.3.4.      Monthly reviews of staff for seasonal programs

4.3.5.      Annual reviews for each employee must be in place

4.4.   Kayak educators must be certified

4.4.1.      Certifying programs must include insurance coverage

4.4.2.      Instructors must be certified with a recognized insured program

4.4.3.      on buildings

4.4.4.      Vehicles

4.5.   Regulations need to be documented and set

4.5.1.      Drug and alcohol

4.5.2.      Smoking

4.5.3.      Personal equipment use

4.5.4.      Staff and client behavior

4.6.   Staff training must be planned and carried out

4.6.1.      Staff orientation (tour, introductions, general background)

4.6.2.      Emergency procedures            Lost clientele            Injured clientele            Communications (radio, emergency services contact etc.)

4.6.3.      Documentation and reporting

4.6.4.      Vehicle care, use and safety

4.6.5.      Customer management

4.6.6.      On-river, instructional

Documentation required

–          Proof of insurance coverage

–          Operations manual

–          Sample of project/task control sheet

–          Customer agreement form

–          Customer waiver form

–          Customer policies outline

–          Management and staff profile sheet

–          Vehicle regulations outline

WK Services Offered

–          Management and admin consultation

–          Sample documentation