Tuesday 15 June 2021
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3.0 Operations and Administration

Do you have full control over the hiring and management of your staff insuring the best and safest customer experience possible by reducing risk in their experience and safety?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

It is important for both the kayak school and client that the proper staff is being hired for effective delivery of educational programs.  Unprofessional staff performance, questionable methods and the appearance of being disorganized can all be factors in client’s decisions as to whether or not they become enthusiasts.  The perception of risk customers may have bear greatly on their experience and their future as paddlers.  The goal is to ensure that your school appears well run and with the proper control over staffing and task delivery.


Kayak schools must show that their HR procedures are in place for proper hiring and training.  It also must show proper task or project management practice.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

3.1.   Kayak education organization must be insured

3.1.1.      Liability

3.1.2.      Fire

3.1.3.      Extended risk

3.2. A standard operations manual must be present and available to all staff. (Template Included)

3.2.1.      A staff outline/chart must be available for all staff, with appropriate contact information for management

3.2.2.      Outlining all procedures of operations for reference

3.2.3.      Includes all WK standards

3.2.4.      Must have reviews annually

3.3.   Risk Management

3.3.1.      Risks need to be identified and plans in place for control

3.3.2. Show sample Risk Management Plan

3.4.   Project Management, reporting and control of processes must be in place and reviewed continually

3.4.1.      All tasks assigned to staff must be divided into departments and outlined on a project management sheet including the following details:            Task name            Task description            Priority            Delivery date            Staff assigned            Approval by (include any approval’s necessary)            Costs (include all costs)            Date done (fill in once done)            Comments

3.4.2.      When tasks are completed, any further tasks needing to be done as a result should be added to the list.

3.4.3.      Regular projects/tasks should be listed in full public view            River schedule            Cleaning and maintenance tasks            Equipment checks            Staff training sessions

3.4.4.      Daily and weekly meetings should include a review of all tasks assigned and completed ensuring any tasks that are lagging are answered to and prioritized.

3.4.5.      Emergency procedures

3.4.6.      Daily procedures and documentation            Schedule of instruction            Key river level information            Student evaluation documents            Incident report            Sales report

3.5.   Customer agreement must be prepared and signed at sale (Template included)

3.5.1.      Camp use

3.5.2.      Pricing (course, rentals)

3.5.3.      Refunds, billing