Thursday 5 August 2021
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1.4 Press and Public Relations

Does your program engage the local, national and/or international media ensuring your markets are continually aware of your programs and of our sport?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

Public relations, editor management and the distribution of press releases are keys to keeping our sport and your operation on the public’s radar.  The goal will be to continually recognize PR opportunities from your business as well as from the local boating community activity and ensure the press picks it up.


A kayak school must show press release activity on behalf of their programming, special events and/or on behalf of the kayaking community at large.  At a minimum the local press should be identified and regular releases delivered.  World Kayak will look for samples of such releases.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

1.4.1.      A press release template must be developed with the necessary formatting and background information:            Intro – must have the Who, What, Where, When and Why in the first sentence making it clear what the release is about and identifying the story clearly            Body of the release must clearly explain the situation with quotes from key persons involved in the news.            The background section must have a brief but detailed description of your school and region as well as those mentioned as key participants in the story.

1.4.2.      A press contact list should be maintained in Excel or a similar dbase format for easy access.            Include a distribution group in your email client for easy press release distribution

1.4.3.      Press releases should be distributed and followed up appropriately:            Email or mail delivery to all editors in your area, or otherwise as appropriate            A direct phone call should be placed to key editors to ensure pick up of the story.

1.4.4.      World Kayak news should be distributed to all regional media to ensure regular appearance of quality whitewater news, stories and results.  Go to for more details and the feed.

Documentation required

–          sample press release

–          list of editors in your region

WK Services Offered

–          Email distribution

–          WK news, stories and event results feed (RSS)