Thursday 5 August 2021
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1.3 Web practice

Does your program promote the sport of whitewater with appropriate web presence and using the power of the web to ensure that all customers, new and old, are in continual contact with your organization, community and with the sport of whitewater?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

World Kayak finds a web presence for all whitewater educators a mandatory element for accreditation.  The goal is to use the web’s power and flexibility to ensure that all programs are supported with proper marketing and leads generation.  The web is also key to encourage customer service management levels that will allow the kayak school educator the means to keep in touch with all students passing, after the fact, encouraging their progression into becoming an enthusiast.


A kayak school must show a web site showing both appropriate content for those contemplating kayak instruction and those whom have already taken a course as well as consistent email practice (WK will subscribe to the email newsletter).  The organization must show attention to the development of appropriate content.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

1.3.1.      All kayak schools must have a web site with a clear and appropriate domain

1.3.2.      WK strongly recommends that sites use modern RSS/XML technology to ensure that news and changes to the site are immediately available for content syndication and sharing.

HINT: WordPress websites are perfect web sites for all this and WK provides all WK educators with a free web site (

1.3.3.      WK recommends the following content:            About section showing history, company/management information, key mission statement and location details            Details on your river (s) showing ease of access, safety and descriptive elements showing off that river’s key attractions            Directions to your operation and river            Program outlines with pricing      Include all additional pricing, rentals etc.  Leave nothing out as a surprise!            News            Blogs from instructors      Tips      Trip journals      Sidebar community stories            Photo and/or river tours            Testimonials from clients            Staff profiles         Link lists linking to key associations like retailers, clubs and other regional sites.

1.3.4.      Email newsletters are key to continuing contact with new paddlers.  All kayak schools and educators must send out regular newsletters.            Newsletters must abide by your country’s SPAM regulations

HINT:  Tools like Constant Contact ( and World Kayaks regional email tools are available and ensure that SPAM regulations are accommodated for.            Email addresses must be collected via a secure and simple form on all pages of your web site.

HINT:  The collection of email addresses can be encouraged and made easier by creating a promotion of some sort.  Offer discounts for those who subscribe to your email newsletter, offer small prizes, ask for visitors to answer a questionnaire…            Content must reflect your programs, community activity, safety and other key elements … not just product and service promotion.

1.3.5.      Ensure you have a viable statistics capability with your web site.  WK recommends Google Analytics which shows detailed stats for no cost.

1.3.6        Social Networking       Set up the following social networking web properties          Facebook page          Facebook Group          Facebook Events (for every event you host)          Twitter page

No Documentation required

WK Services Offered

–          Web site / blogspot development

–           Social Networking consultation

–           Banner ad placement at WK properties

–          Regional content for all members available via RSS from

–          National, sport-related content for all members