Tuesday 15 June 2021
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1.2 Marketing Materials

Does your program promote the sport of whitewater with appropriate high quality materials; materials that represent the sport as safe, fun, accessible, family oriented and involving an exciting and vibrant community?

Yes / No

Definition and Goal

Marketing materials are required as necessary.  Web materials are the minimum, but print materials offer opportunities for ‘layaround’ materials for key cross promotion.  The goal for any marketing materials developed is to ensure that the sport is properly represented and the maximum amount of marketing capture is possible.


A kayak school must show any marketing materials developed.  These materials must show compliance to the elements as described and the spirit in which they are presented.

Standard Elements

The following are key elements to the compliance of this standard:

1.2.1.      All brochures should have visible contact information for immediate contact.

1.2.2.      Photos used must be appropriate to the encouragement of kayaking            NO photos of waterfalls, large dangerous rapids      Photos of freestyle are encouraged for intermediate and advanced programming.            Reflect your river as a safe destination            Encourage photos of family fun, showing all ages enjoying river

1.2.3.      Beginner content            Remember that your target audience is more than likely a parent and/or someone who has NO experience in whitewater            Encourage family wide participation in your content            Dispel any “whitewater is Extreme” notions in your text and your image            Have information on your instructors            Include testimonials of those taking your course and becoming enthusiasts            Show your community in description and photo

1.2.4.      Distribution            Print materials should be distributed to the following local sources, where possible:  sporting and adventure retail stores, community centers, fitness centers, local pools, schools, municipal offices, tourism operators, other sporting courses and to any other public area where athletes gather.

Documentation Required

–          Sample marketing materials