Sunday 26 September 2021
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WK "Get Wet" Kids Camp Program


  • Have class arrive 20-30 minutes prior to class for gear assignment and wavers.
  • Times for games can be reduced to provide the opportunity to experience mild moving water and current where applicable.
  • Student to instructor ratio is 5:1
  • Essential components are instructor, class, gear, watch for the instructor, volleyball, and fun!

Time – 0:00 – 0:20

Personal introductions, class expectations, and simple introduction to key gear components.

Time – 0:20-1:00

Introduce the wet exit. Introduce the hand of god and let the students know how it will affect them and the whole day. Take all students through the progression until they are comfortable performing the task unassisted.

Time – 1:00-1:30

Play time! Introduction of paddle less kayak polo. Break in to teams, and instructors as rogue players to keep things on an even keel. All students in boats and paddles on shore.

Time – 1:30-1:50

Introduction of the sweep stroke, and drill time.

Time – 1:50-2:20

Play time! Introduce sharks and minnows. Pick your shark and you are off and running.

Time – 2:20-2:40

Introduce the forward stroke, and drill time.

Time – 2:40-3:00

Play time! Introduce the weaving Indian paddle, model the game, and go.

Time – 3:00-3:20

Gear collection, thank you, good-bye, and a short talk on how and where to continue your kayak education.