Friday 23 July 2021
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Summer Competition Challenge:

Starting in Spring and continuing through the summer months CReW and World host a series of amateur river races and amateur freestyle kayak rodeo competitions.

By encouraging kids to compete for fun, they will learn more about their sport, improve their skills and learn about good sportsmanship.

  • The events that are hosted by CReW are located at the Rivière St-Charles in Valleyfield, Quebec.
  • The series in Valleyfield consist of 3 down river races and 3 Freestyle rodeo events.
  • Prizes are provided by World and are awarded by a draw at the end of each event. Everyone wins and learns at the same time.
  • CReW will provide transportation, equipment, and instruction for up to 10 participants for each event.
  • Pick up: Transportation leaves from the SD&G Boys and Girls Club Henry Street location or other secure location(s) if necessary as determined in coordination with the parents/guardians.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer.

All dates will be posted on the blog, on a Facebook page, and other local activities calendars