Friday 23 July 2021
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Single Day Challenges

Throughout the summer the program includes single day events including these examples:

  • Big Brother And Big Sisters Picnic: 1-day Kayak Challenge for up to 16 participants.
  • Alexandria Youth Center – 2 single day Kayak Challenges offering an intro to kayaking certificate for up to 10 participants per day.
  • SD&G Boys And Girls Club Day Camp:1-day Kayak Challenge for up to 16 participants.
  • River Stewardship and waterfront clean-up days at local lakes and rivers
  • Advanced Participant Day Challenge: Your local Whitewater River
    • A day of adventure on the Ottawa River for up to 8 participants.
    • based on the skill level achieved by the participants.
    • CReW and the volunteers will provide transportation, equipment, and instruction for all the participants from the Summer Kayak Challenge (see section 2 above).
    • Parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer.