Thursday 5 August 2021
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Additional activities

  • CReW will bring a selection of Professional Athletes during the summer to meet, help teach and encourage the young people.
  • CReW provides additional transportation assistance for the kids.
  • CReW provides drinking water, snacks (nutritious multi-grain bars or similar healthy consumables)
  • CReW provides State of the Art Whitewater Kayaks and all necessary safety gear.
  • CReW provides 4 Certified River Kayaking Instructors.
  • CReW provides experienced kayakers to assist in water safety and demonstrations.
  • CReW provides warm paddle wear for on water activities.
  • CReW provides gifts/souvenirs for the kids to take home (stickers, videos, prizes).
  • Each participant in the program who completes at least 2 sessions during the season will receive a year membership with CReW.
  • Each Participant who receives a membership will also receive 5 free 1-day equipment rentals.