Tuesday 15 June 2021
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5-Year Program Plan

The program is subject to regular review by the ASAG Board of Directors and the Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club staff of professional Kayak Instructors on a monthly basis.

A final review of the previous years activities is held during the month of March of each year to ensure that the necessary standards of instruction, safety and support are available for the following year.


  • Instruction is provided by the Cornwall Recreation Whitewater Club. The 4 ORCKA certified instructors teach the requirements laid out by ORCKA (Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayak Association) guidelines for flat-water and moving water instructions.


  • CReW and ASAG provide the state of the art equipment from Jackson Kayaks, H2O Performance Paddles, Level Six, Shred Ready and WRSI Helmets, Immersion Research, Gul and several other manufacturers of kayak and safety equipment. Equipment is maintained to the highest standards of safety by CReW.


  • On site and water safety as well as emergency planning is in accordance with the CReW Risk Management Plan. A copy of the document may be available upon request.
  • All instructors are emergency first aid or wilderness first aid certified.
  • All our instructors have a police background check on file with CReW and ASAG.


  • As proposed in this document, transportation will be provided by CReW and ASAG to and from all events.
  • Additional transportation will be provided by volunteers and parents as required to satisfy the number of participants at each event.

Communications and Reporting:

  • In order to provide feedback to participants, parents and sponsors, the CReW Instructional Team provides weekly updates on their blogspot.
  • The Blog includes updates for every event, information on what we are doing next and where we are going. Kids and parents are encouraged to read and post comments here.
  • CReW also maintains a facebook page: CReW: Youth Challenge Kayak Program. This is another venue for reaching the regions youth and sharing their experiences. Once again parents are encouraged to watch and participate online.

The Participants:

The most important part of this program is the kids.

  • The program is designed to accommodate 60 young people ages 6 to 18.
  • The younger participants are exposed to basic kayaking, safety, health and fun. A huge emphasis on the fun.
  • The teens are provided an opportunity to go a bit further into the sport. Learning to Roll, handle moving water, compete, more on the environment, safety and of course FUN!
  • The kids come from every walk of life and from various groups including: The SD&G Boys And Girls Club, Partir D’Un Bons Pas Pour Un Meilleur Avenir, The Alexandria Youth Center and Big Brothers And Big Sisters. We also accept those kids who find us online, in the streets or on the water.
  • All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the program forms and waivers.

The Parents/Guardians:

  • An important part of a strong and healthy youth is a strong and healthy home. To this end parents/guardians are encouraged to be a part of our program!
  • Having a parent or guardian come out and see what is accomplished is always a good feeling for a young person. Parents and guardians can come and watch, help out on shore or volunteer as additional drivers when kids want to get to and from an activity. The important part is that they are there.