Monday 26 July 2021
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CREW Youth Program Model

An Introduction from Robert Zwanenburg

President and founder, Instructor and Volunteer
Adventure Sports Access Group Inc / The Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club
Tel: 613-347-9089
Mobile: 514-973-3048

So many of today’s young people face immediate futures that are unclear and often clouded by their circumstances. The choices laid-out before them and the influences of their surroundings can lead many of them along less favorable paths. For many young people being a “kid” is not a bright and colorful trail.

The Cornwall Recreational Whitewater Club and Adventure Sports Access Group Inc. embarked on a journey that started in 2006 and has brought us here today.

Our mission? Offering a brighter trail for the young people in our community.

With the support of the various local, national and international sponsors, listed in the attached program plan, as well as several caring individual sponsors, we have been privileged to be able to provide the children and teens of our communities an alternative horizon through adventure sports.

Our youth program is wrapped in a package that we call the CReW: Youth Challenge Kayak Program.

Challenging our youth is exactly what we do.

All year long, using the disciplines required for whitewater kayaking, our volunteers challenge the young people to learn new skills, build self-confidence, push their limits and grow as individuals. They learn to care for each other’s well being, to care about their environment and their surroundings.

These skills will follow them through to adulthood.

Cornwall and the SD&G region are feeling the crunch of our “new” global economy. It is easy to get lost in the news that we hear everyday. As a community it is our responsibility to guide our kids and provide positive opportunities for our more challenged youth before they slip through our fingers in the difficult times ahead.

Through the efforts of our volunteers and supporters we can:

  1. Provide a “no-cost” physical education program to the young people of the region;
  2. Provide positive guidance for our youth;
  3. Care for our environment;
  4.  Allow kids to have fun and simply, be kids.

Our instructors, organization staff and board members are all volunteers. CReW offers certified private kayak instruction to support the summer youth programs. The rest comes from our sponsors and supporters.