Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Teaching Theory

roll_practice_7-25-07What is the World Kayak Teaching Theory?
The World Kayak Educational initiative was born of ‘best practice’.  World Kayak continues to study the art of kayak instruction under the guise of collecting ALL practice and fnding common denominators in successful instructional delivery.  It is from these observations that our teaching theory is born.  World Kayak combined the best-in-class instructors and schools with top teaching theoreticians and developed a core curriculum applied to whitewater instruction.

We deliver this theory to ALL of our certified instructors, at all levels.

Years of gaining experience vs getting a theoretical head start
One of the key observations WK has made is that teaching theory, to date, has always been acquired via direct experience.  Instructors learn the tricks of the teaching trade by years of teaching; some faster, some slower, but it takes time to understand all the intricacies of teaching.  Where this will always be the case, naturally, World Kayak believes that a more pronounced and solid theoretical foundation must be instilled BEFORE instructors start their own progression and theoretical evolution… effectively giving an instructor a solid foundation in teaching to build upon.  It adds a bit to the WK programming but we feel it comes with the following results:

  • A head start for instructors in their own personal teaching progression
  • A sport complete with instructors teaching from best practice origins
  • Increased instructor ability to engage students more positively
  • Instructional personalities that aid in student troubleshooting
  • A higher rate of student retention
  • A faster growing sport

What does our teaching theory cover?
The World Kayak teaching theory curriculum will cover a focused progression for instructors to work from.  We begin with overviews of modern teaching technique, and begin to logically apply it to whitewater instruction.  We are not teaching specific whitewater skills, but how to deliver a whitewater/adventure progression.  We tackle learning styles of students and match them with different teaching styles of instructors to demonstrate delivery methods for our sometimes mixed and volatile teaching environments.