Thursday 5 August 2021
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Throwdown Logistics


The Hometown Throwdown event can be run with relative ease by one individual, but, the more the merrier. We strongly recommend engaging others to help out in any and all ways. This is a PARTICIPATION oriented event, so get everyone involved. More importantly, there will be 5 events across the summer and hopefully many more for years… get the community involved so that any number of kind folks can run it with little or no troubles. The community that works together, stays together… hokey, but true!


The Hometown Throwdown has a registration system. Competitors can register for events at either your event posting at www. or via the Hometown Throwdown blogspot at There is no cost to the registering competitor but all have to be entered into the site so we can record results. Upon registration, everyone will become members of World Kayak and given all the benefits (prizes etc.). They will also be given the option of setting up a blogspot. Once registered, ambassadors and event organizers will have full access to the registration lists for print out the day of the event. They will also be able to record all results, post up text and photos for promotional purposes. Each score will go into your member’s records for display at their blogspots.


For those who did not register on line, we will have space on your score sheets for those who walk on. You must record full name, address and email details for them to be eligible. All this information and their results will need to be entered at the end of the event.


Check list: The following is the list of materials you will be needing to run the event:

  • Big dry bag backpack
  • 4 clipboards
  • 1 stopwatch
  • box of pens
  • 1 calculater
  • 3 mini umbrellas
  • 1 bull horn
  • 1 pack towel
  • Rules book
  • Standard rodeo
  • Freestyle through rapid
  • Score sheets