Monday 26 July 2021
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Marketing Throwdowns


Attached to this page are sample materials for promotion: Namely a press release and a poster. The poster can be distributed via email or handing out as a PDF poster or brochure by printing it out using your standard jet ink, laser or bubblejet printer.

Email lists: WK strongly suggests starting to build up a mailing list to distribute this type of WK information to. Using Outlook or any other email software, you can build these distribution lists quite easily. We recommend 3 emails, one at the onset of the season, one 2 or 3 weeks before the event date and one 2 to 4 days before the event. You can attach the PDF to a simple email with a short introductory paragraph.

Local boater bulletin boards: The most effective way to reach a boater is to find out where they hang out on the web. More than likely they will be at the local boaterboard or a national one like Boatertalk, Playak, and/or You should be posting once announcing the event series, once the week of the event as a reminder and once linking everyone to the coverage you post up at the blogspot.

Poster/brochure: The PDF can also be printed on standard letter sized pages. Once done, you can then hand them out as brochures or have them put up like posters. We recommend that you post these up at: – retail outlets – kayak clubs – sports facilities and recreation halls – swimming pools – community clubs – kayak schools – other adventure sports hang outs World Kayak will provide custom layout services to list your region’s specific dates as well as any regional sponsor logos you wish. Press releases: You will also find press release samples attached to this package and at the site (under ambassador’s menu). These press releases should be used to promote and announce your event as well as the results after. We recommend sending one out at the beginning of the season, one the week of the event (Tuesday is best) and one just after each event with full results and photos.

Human interest stories: The press is always looking for that ‘angle’, that extra special story that will attract the reader’s attention. We need to be on the look out for just such an angle: The 72 year old participant, the mother of 4 who kayaks, the 8 year old who ran the river for the first time. Any and all unique stories, or simply a story that makes the mind stop a bit. Feel free to email us any and all ideas and World Kayak will help you through setting it up and sending it to the media.

Bring a friend: Encourage all your participants to bring a friend. WK will include all attendees if you register them at the web site. Feel free to get them in the draw for simple prizes. Registration for the event can be found at and is a great way to encourage attendance.

Pre-Event Web Promotion/Social Networking:  One of the most effective means of stirring interest in your event is to set up a Facebook Page for your organization and then a Facebook Event page per event you host.  Getting all of your staff and organization friends invited to the event will start a chain reaction through the social networks attracting many eyes to your event.  You can then use the facebook page and event to keep folks in the loop with any logistical changes etc. as you approach event date.

Event coverage on the web: The BEST way to promote your event, and, more importantly, bring participation numbers up is to show your public what they missed! All ambassadors and Welcome Centers running events will be given access to the Throwdown blogspot at . This blogspot will play host to full coverage of all our events. It will be important for ambassadors to enter the results on a timely basis, right after the event. It will be equally important for organizers to arrange for photo and, if possible, video of the event to get published with the results. A good description of the event in general will be key to painting the picture.