Friday 23 July 2021
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Kayak School Resources

Our welcome centers are our primary gateways into the sport of kayaking.  To encourage heightened activity in the way kayak schools, clubs and others promote our sport World Kayak will use this space at to post up a growing number of Gateway Models for you to use to bring potential boaters to your instructors.  We strongly believe that the MORE you do to get people in boats, the more likely they will eventually become kayakers.

Submit your Gateway Models
We encourage all educators and Welcome Centers to continue to submit your thoughts on what’s been working for you in attracting new boaters.  If our industry is to grow, we need best practice posted up here.  These posts will follow the same format as our other curriculum and are comment enabled.  We encourage you all to keep an eye on these ideas, try them at your school or club and recommend any that are successful.  The top models will be brought into our Welcome Center sections as best practice.