Thursday 5 August 2021
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Screw Roll / Sweep Roll

The screw/sweep roll is the progression from the C2C roll it is a faster and slightly more dynamic roll. With this roll you generate the power for your hip snap during the sweep motion and skip the set up position.

How to do a sweep roll

Once you have mastered the C2C roll have a go at the Sweep roll.

1. Flip over and set yourself up into the ‘Homebase’ position.

Lean and tuck forwards, reach your paddle across and place it parallel along side your boat with the front face blade facing up towards the sky. Rock your wrists forwards as this will tilt the blade up and help it stay on the surface.

2. Sweep you paddle towards the set up position at the same time as doing a good strong hip snap.

As you skim and sweep your paddle across the top of the water towards the set up position point, do a strong hip snap to get your boat back upright. As with the C2C its important as your doing this to pull your head down towards the water. Finish lying back, looking at the blade your working with.

3. Once your boat is upright its then time to sit upright.

4. Once you have this mastered try it on the other side and out on the moving water.


Top tips

The hip snap should take place at the same time as the sweep. This means you get the power for the ‘Snap’ from the paddle blade moving through the water

Don’t be tempted to lift you head up for air. Keep it down with your eyes firmly fixed on your paddle blade and bring your head down towards the water, your paddle blade and your shoulder as you snap your hips and bring the boat upright. Only whens the boats completely upright should you then lift you head and sit upright

Learn with a friend as we did with the T rescue and hip snap. That way if it doesn’t work they can Hand Of God you back upright and you can discuss what happened and try again. Or if it doesn’t work go back to ‘Homebase’, set up for a C2C roll and save yourself.

Ideally you want to make sure you have your head, body and hands as close to the waters surface as possible when your in the ‘Homebase’ position, before you do the sweep and ‘Snap’ as this will really help make the hip snap a lot more effective.