Friday 23 July 2021
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Each kayak will come with a kayak footrest system. The footrest is an essential piece of outfitting in a boat as not only does it provide a contact point where you can transfer the energy you get from your paddle into the movement of the kayak and a way of controlling the direction of the kayak with your feet. It is also a vital safety feature, that stops you sliding into your kayak. This is especially important when out on whitewater or in surf.

Different footrests adjust in different ways. Some foam footrests can have sections added or removed and /or be cut and shaped. Other fixed footrests may need to be adjusted using ropes or bolts and may need you to add additional foam or plates. The JK Happy Feet foot bag can be blown up to be completely custom shaped to your feet. It is important to consult the individual boat manufactures outfitting advice to make sure you adjust your kayak footrest correctly.

One of the key things you are looking for when setting your footrests is that you have a good contact with the ball of your feet and that its not too far away that you are loose in your boat or so close that you get cramp because its too tight. Also you want to make sure there are no gaps around the footrests that your feet can slide into or past.