Friday 23 July 2021
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Selecting a Journey, Route or River Run

The first step before heading to any adventure is to find out if it is suitable for you. Use the white water section to find out how to understand the types of different river runs and maps and local guide books and river guide forums to find out more about whats in the area you are heading too.

It is a great idea if your heading to a new river or on a new adventure to chat to and where possible paddle with local paddlers to find out about any hazards or dangers on the section you are looking at paddling.


Top Tips

1st hand experience is the best way to gather information. If you know the individuals ability and trust their judgment you can obtain the details that are not provided by any other resource.

Guidebooks and the Internet should be your second source of information. Guidebooks are usually a sterile way to obtain information, but they are consistent. Make sure you look at when they were published for relevance. Another good idea is to find a run or journey that you are familiar with in that book and use it as a comparison test for the quality and level of information being given

The Internet is a vast source of information, but be careful and take what you find with grain of salt. While wikis and blogs can provide regularly updated information. Individuals who are write them can often add their own interpretation and style. That can skew things quite a bit depending on their personality and skill level.

Hearsay and rumour should be the last place to collate credible information. Be cautious on how much you trust this information, and to what extent you implement it into your planning.