Thursday 5 August 2021
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Paddle Float Rescue

The paddle float is an inflatable bag that you can use on the end of your paddle, like an outrigger, to help you get out of the water and back into the kayak should you capsize in deep water and have no one else available to help stabilise the kayak.


How to perform a paddle float rescue

1. Inflate both sides of your paddle float

2. Hook a foot onto your boats cockpit for the next stage of this rescue so that your boat doesn’t float away.

3. Slide the paddle float onto one end of your paddle and use the drawstring / buckle to hold it in place.

4. Lay your paddle shaft across the back deck of your boat and grip onto the paddle shaft and the back of the cockpit to hold it in place.

5. Kick your feet to bring them to the surface of the water behind you

6. Hook a leg around the paddle shaft

7. Putting pressure on the outrigger to keep you balanced as you climb onto the deck of the kayak

8. Climb onto the boat facing towards the stern and then slide your way into the cockpit. The whole time keeping pressure on the outrigger.

9. Once your inside your boat, regain your balance and ccontinue to use the outrigger for support as you pump your cockpit with the bilge pump.

10. Remove and restore your paddle float and continue on your journey

Top Tips

Practise this in shallow water or near the bank until you are happy you can complete this skill successfully in deep water

Keep pressure on the outrigger throughout the rescue as you climb up and onto the boat to ensure it remains balanced.