Friday 23 July 2021
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Emergency Management Plans

No matter how well planned a trip, how skilled the group or how familiar a section of river, journey or run. Things can and will go wrong. For these reasons it it important that you have a “What If” emergency plan.

Time spent planning for an emergency before a trip can be vital and in some cases life saving. Think about JK paddler young Jason Craig’s accident in 2011. If the team with him that day did not have the right emergency equipment, first aid and safety training or an emergency plan. Who knows how it would have all turned out.

How to create and emergency management plan.

Here are some ideas on how to be prepared for an emergency. Please note that this is not a extensive list, more a starting point and suggestions from which you can come up with and plan for your own trips.

1. Find out about where you are going, the type of water you will be on and who you are with.

2. Compile contact and necessary medical information for each member of your group.

3. Have some one at home aware of your plan.

This should include information on your location, your start time, and a fail-safe time that they should call the appropriate people to help. You should provide this info to them so that help can be implemented quickly if necessary. In most situations the fail-safe should be a call from you before your drop dead time. The drop-dead time should include a buffer for the normal hiccups that occur while boating.

4. Come up with an on the water emergency plan.

Include exit points from the river, lake or ocean in case of an emergency, a way to contact the outside world (cell phone if it works or a sat phone), the protocol that you set up to handle any emergency as well as making sure you all have the necessary safety gear to work with.

5. Make sure everyone in the group is aware of all the components of your emergency plan.

Top tips

Be prepared. Never underestimate the importance of being prepared and having an emergency plan.

Have fun. Make smart choices and stay safe out on your adventures. Hopefully then you should never need to use your emergency plan.