Friday 23 July 2021
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Deep Water Re Entry – Sit on Top Kayak

Deep water reentry is something that every kayaker should practice as it will build your confidence and speed up your ability to rescue yourself or others in an emergency ‘capsize’ situation.


How to perform a Deep Water Re Entry

1. Start by completely fliping the boat over.

Now whilst swimming turn the kayak back upright.

2. Do this by pulling yourself up onto the hull of the boat. If you try to flip it by pushing up on the hull you will just push yourself deeper in the water.

3. Kick your feet and pull up with your hands, to help you reach across the hull to the far side of the boat.

4. Grabbing the far side of the boat then let your body weight fall back in the water. This process will roll the kayak back upright. Even for the lightest of paddlers

5. Now using the same kick and pull movement get your torso up on the deck of the kayak.

6. The goal is to get your body, as much of it as you can, on the deck of the boat. Keeping your center of gravity low and centered over the middle of the boat.

7. Once you are centered and ease your way back into your seat, being careful to keep your center of gravity in the center line of the boat.


Top Tips

Don’t wait till it is a necessity to try this technique. Get out and practise it so you are ready in case you do ever flip.