Monday 26 July 2021
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  1. Demonstrate the spin by sitting still, picking a focal point in the direction of the turn, winding up your body, and taking a nice slow sweep stroke. Keep your boat very flat for this drill. Spinning a turn will effectively kill your momentum, but you will be able to turn a great amount in a short amount of time.
  2. Have students try to execute a carve and spin a turn after your demo. It is important that students learn both types of turns and more importantly that over time they learn how to pick the correct type of turn for varied white water settings.


  1. Spinning the boat can be practiced easily in flat water.
  2. We will sit with a flat boat, and we will rotate or torso in the direction that we wish to spin.
  3. Pick a focal point that you will keep your eyes on. Since we are turning make sure it is in the direction that you torso is rotated.
  4. You can even make it a bit further than your torso can wind up.
  5. Your head should be able to easily rotate further than you torso.
  6. By leading the turn with your eyes you will be more likely to have good torso rotation.
  7. Now we can take a nice even sweep stroke from the bow to the midline of the kayak only.
  8. Practice this slowly so that you can fully pull with your torso and allow the flat boat to spin easily around.
  9. Try this a few times where you take one stroke and you pull the paddle out of the water.
  10. As you work on keeping a flat boat you will be able to get a full 360 degree spin from one stroke.