Friday 23 July 2021
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How to Stand Up on a Paddleboard

Firstly you want to start on your stomach with your paddle blade underneath your chest and the shaft of the paddle facing forwards. This prone position allows you to keep your center of gravity low and allow you to be much more stable. You can also use two hands to paddle out and away from the shallows. Practice this position for a while so you can get used to the paddleboard.

Secondly move to your knees, this will be your second position. Using two hands either side of your paddleboard will get you closer to standing up and move your center of gravity slightly higher, closer to your standing up position. Again you can use two hands to help you maneuver your paddleboard.

Finally to move to a standing up position, make sure you are away from any shallow banks, this will prevent injury if you do fall over. Place your paddle perpendicular to your paddleboard, holding onto it with your fingers outstretched on top of your paddleboard and placed in front of your knees. Look up and focus on the horizonline, this will give you a great point of reference. As you are looking up at the horizonline, stand up. Straight away place your paddle in the water as an active paddleblade will increase your stability. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart and do not place one foot forward, parallel feet also help with the stability of your boat.