Sunday 26 September 2021
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The Spin

ICF Definition

360° horizontal angle rotation of the boat at a 0°-45° vertical angle.

Value 10 points

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The spin is where you move the boat in a full 360 degree and is usually performed starting in a front surf and finishing in a front surf.


How to Spin

1. Start by surfing your boat in a front surf . Ideally carve you way to the top of the wave or hole.

2. Initiate the move by letting the boat turn to 45 degrees.

3. Then place a big backstroke in the water and move the weight of your body slightly forwards as you turn yourself into a back surf.

4. Next let your boat keep spining this time is the back surf position until it gets to 45 degrees once more.

5. Then do a big forward sweep and bring your weight slightly back. Place the forward stroke on the opposite side that you did your back stroke on. Use this paddle stroke to help you finish the spin and to pull you back into a front surf on the feature stopping your spin momentum from flushing you downstream.


Top tips

Remember to always edge your boat slightly downstream to avoid catching an edge.

Pick a point directly upstream and look at it. Use this to help out the timing of your head rotation. Spot that point at the start of the move and keep looking at it. When you physically can’t look at it anymore that the time to switch your head. Turn quickly and re spot your guide point. This should help you really use the power of the water and body rotation to help control the move rather than just paddle strength and power.

If you are surfing in a hole look for a feature that is not too steep so you don’t get caught in the trough. Some holes have great shoulders that will help you spin others you will have to do more of a blast and push your way through the spin movements.

On a wave, try get high on the wave before you start your spin. Work from the shoulders (outside) of the wave and spin into the middle of more sticky part of the wave where it is more likely to collect and hold you without the momentum flushing off.

If your feature is not very sticky think of the move as two half spins. Throughout the spin if you feel yourself building up to much momentum or beginning to flush. Slow the movements down, pause the rotation if necessary and use paddle strokes to keep you on the feature before continuing your spin.