Friday 23 July 2021
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ICF Definition

Two consecutive ends, with a change of direction in between each and both ends at a vertical angle between 45° and 100°.

Value is 40 points


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How to do a Split Wheel

1. Start high on the pile pointing straight upstream.

2. With the boat on edge initiate the first end of a cartwheel (bow).

3. As your boat begins to cut through the water for the first end, whilst keeping your weight relatively neutral, use the back of the blade to pivot the boat on the bow starting the rotation.

4. Pivot your boat on the bow 180 degrees until the stern of your boat rotates just passed upstream.

5. At this point catch and pull on the face of the blade to smash the stern down into the water. Pulling / throwing your feet through the air back to upstream to finish the move.

The bow and stern ends both need to be over 45 degrees.

6. Once you have the hang of this move and can control bringing through the second end have a try at getting ahead of the second end and linking it into a cartwheel, split wheel, tricky woo, phonics monkey or another fun move.

The split wheel is a super fun and relatively easy move to link.


Top tips

Try not to throw your weight forwards or backwards too much during the move otherwise it is difficult to keep control of the boat.

Stand up slightly during the rotation phase to help you control the boat.

Look upstream and spot a point directly upstream of the feature. Use this to help you work out your rotation angles.

If you are struggling to get the full 180 rotation. Look upstream as you do as much rotation as you can. Then quickly look straight downstream briefly before you look back upstream and smash the stern this will help you get that extra rotation you need.

Make sure you get a full 170 – 190 degree rotation if you are looking to score this move in a competition and that the boat is over 45 degrees on both ends of the split wheel.

It’s better to drop into a backend time after time than not rotate enough and drop into a side surf so commit to the rotation and enjoy the wipeouts as you learn this move.