Thursday 15 April 2021
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Space Godzilla

ICF Definition

An aerial loop with a 90º or greater rotation (twist) in the middle of the flip.

Value is 90 points


How to Space Godzilla

1. Start like a loop.

Set up high on the pile with your boat pointing upstream. Travel down the feature and get ready to initiate the move in the same way as a loop.

2. As you initiate, drive your bow into the water stomping hard. This will give you lots of energy and height.

3. As the boat goes to vertical stand up and jump as if you are going to throw a massive loop.

4. Then as you tuck things change. Instead of tucking straight like a loop, tuck off to one side and bring your paddle across the bow almost parellel with the side of your boat.

5. As you tuck do this tuck, use your lowest paddle blade to pull against the water (or if huge, do an air stroke) and use your hips and knees to put the boat on edge.

6. As you pull on the blade purposefully swing your feet through the air.

7.Get ready to finish the trick by either pulling on your opposite paddle and pushing you feet to pointing straight back up stream, landing the boat flat using a loop stroke or get ready to get over your paddle, whilst keeping your boat on edge, to turn the final end into a cartwheel.


Top tips

It is possible to stand and jump with your paddle and shoulders already turned ready for the jump. However, don’t twist to early during the jump. Be careful not to twist the boat to early as then you will only get an air wheel. A cool trick in itself but not a Space Godzilla. To get the Space Godzilla you need to launch into an air loop and then twist in the middle of the move to score it as a Space Godzilla.

Don’t forget to get your chin up and chest out as you jump up before tucking otherwise you will struggle to get the necessary air for this trick.

Be prepared for a forward sweep brace on the landing when your falling down sideways. It takes a little while to get to the stage where you are ahead of the boat.

If you find your boat is swinging out to the side during the rotation you need to tuck forwards rather than swinging out to the side during the tuck.