Thursday 5 August 2021
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ICF Definition

Two consecutive 180° horizontal angle rotations of the boat at a vertical angle between 0° and 45°, beginning in front surf position switching to a back surf position then returning to front surf position without a pause. The second rotation must be in the opposite direction to the first one and the entire trick is completed with one blade remaining in the water during the whole action phase.

Value is 5 points



How to Shuvit

1. Start by surfing your boat in a front surf .

2. Initiate the move by placing a backstroke in the water and move the weight of your body slightly forwards as you come into a back surf as if your going to do a full spin.

3. Pause in the back surf position and using the same paddle blade do a forward sweep to stop the spin and turn the boat back to where you started.

4. As you turn back into a front surf again bring your weight slightly backwards

5. Control the whole move using just the one paddle blade. This blade must remain in the water during the whole trick.


Top tips

If you are surfing in a hole look for a feature that is not too steep so you don’t get caught in the trough.

On a wave, try to get high on the wave before you start your spin. Work from the shoulders (outside) of the wave and spin into the middle, more sticky part, of the wave where it is more likely to collect and hold you without the momentum flushing you off.

In a steep hole remember you can edge your boat slightly downstream to avoid catching an edge.

Think of the move as two half spins. You spin to a back surf and then do a second half spin back to where you started.

Throughout the move use your paddle to help you control the speed and direction of the boat.

Make sure you complete the full 180 degree rotation if you are trying to score points during a competition.