Thursday 5 August 2021
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ICF Definition

360° horizontal angle rotation at a vertical angle greater than 45°, on the bow.

Value is 25 points

Screenshot-2014-03-27-13.56.31 A piroette is a full spin around the bow of the boat whilst vertical.

How to do a Pirouette

1. Set up at the top of the feature facing upstream.

2. Get ready to initiate the trick in the seam, or just behind the seam in the hole.

3. Lets start by pirouetting to the right. Initiate by pushing down on your feet (like you’re plugging a loop), lift your left knee and use either a left cross-bow draw stroke or a right stern pry to spin the boat in a circle.

3. As the bow initiates, try to keep your weight over the boat, look over your right shoulder ahead of the rotation of the pirouette, and keep pulling on that left blade all the way around.

4. As you come back to face upstream and finish your  360 spin you have completed the pirouette.

5. From here lower you left knee to bring the boat back to flat into a front surf or link it to a loop (see Phonic Monkey) or flow into some cartwheels or another pirouette.

Top Tips

Try this in a long old boat. The Pirouette is one of the earliest freestyle moves and looks amazing when performed in a longer ‘old skool’ playboat. Nowadays your less likely to see it as a stand alone move instead you will most often see it used at the start of the Phoenix Monkey.

As with all cross bow moves be careful not to over extend your reach. If it hurts stop. Keep your arms in close to the boat to help protect your shoulders.

If you find yourself going over vertical on the initiation or doing cross bow cartwheels. Try and angle your boat to 1pm or 2pm before you initiate the pirouette. This will stop your bow slicing through as a cartwheel and will help with the spin rotation. You can also try using slightly less edge. Instead of trying to go straight to vertical you can slowly allow the boat to wind its way up to vertical by using less edge. This is often easier to control.


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